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Marakolliya Beach Continued (Southern Province, Sri Lanka)

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Sept 8th, 2009 - I suppose you know you are enjoying yourself when you deem creating a seashell mosaic in the sand an efficient use of your time. There is no getting around it: Marakolliya Beach is exquisite. Perhaps others would disagree but at the very least they would have to concede that it is special. Then again, who the hell am I, really? 

The incessant crashing of the waves has a way of putting me in a catatonic state (with the help of a hammock). To snap out of it I hurl myself into a semi-ferocious wave or two thereby filling my pockets and my hair full of sand. More maniacal laughter ensues. The funny thing is, I am not the kind of person who enjoys wandering an empty beach for days on end and staring blissfully into a not so calm sea…….by myself. I am usually tapped out after a day. Must be something about this place. 

I eat a lot to keep up my strength (just in case I actually need any). There is a lot of fresh seafood to include prawns, calamari, butterfish, and who knows what else. It feels good to really eat again. Perhaps I can get back some of the pounds I lost in Indonesia. 

Yesterday, I went for a two hour walk. On the way I passed what is purported to be a sea turtle sanctuary. It is in a sad state. The beach in the area was littered with the remnants of turtle eggs. I even caught a gargantuan lizard (had to be at least four feet in length) raiding one of the egg hatching dens. They may want to hire a few more folks although I have a sneaking suspicion the job is voluntary. Unfortunately, I did not see any volunteers in the area. Too bad because those turtles need all the help they can get. 

Not so many chickens here so mornings are free of the relentless cock-a-doodle-do. There are, however, a rather large number of black crows, or ravens if you will. At times it feels a little bit like I am being haunted by the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe. How ever shall I endure?

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