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Brick Wall (Bandar Lampung - Sumatra, Indonesia)

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I hit a brick wall. It came in the form of one of the worst head colds I have had in recent memory. Not sure where it came from but it seems to have manifested itself after my swim in the ocean. I left Kalinda in the south of Sumatra and was to drive five hours to the town of Krui on the west coast. I drove for one hour and realized I needed to circle the wagons. Luckily, I found myself in the fourth largest city in Sumatra, Bandar Lampung.

So I did what every hardcore adventurer does in a time of physical turmoil: I sequestered myself in a room at the Sheraton, laid in bed for the better part of three days, ordered room service, and watched HBO (all the Tuscany villa rentals were booked). Dr. Livingston I am not but it sure feels good to recuperate. The constant watering of my eyes made it difficult to drive the motorcycle. I am not sure the Sheraton was necessary but it was the first hotel I came upon. Might as well be comfortable, right?.  Tomorrow I plan to hop-along. This is not a fortuitous beginning to my Sumatran Jamboree.


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