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Trannies & A Postal Jam (Yogya, Indonesia)

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May 23rd, 2009 Yogyakarta, here I am. Not too terribly exciting but the city does have character. I stopped by the Kraton (palace of the sultans of Yogya) and the Taman Sari Water Castle which served as a pleasure park of palaces, pools, and waterways for the sultan and his crew back in the day. They sound grandiose but to be honest neither really tickled my fancy. My fancy could use a good tickling.

I will say that the becak drivers (bicycle taxis) and similar street denizens are a bit more aggressive here than anywhere I’ve yet been in Indonesia. It is nothing for them to follow you for five or six blocks. I fancied a walk this manana but they wanted none of it. It is not just a ride but a potential shopping spree in a one of the kazillion batik shops on offer. They’re not particularly fond of the word ‘no’ and possess a alternate view of personal space. Apparently, they also work in teams. I told one guy I was Canadian and ten minutes later in a different part of the city I had an ojek driver (motorcycle taxi) that I had not met shout, ‘Hey, Canadian!’, followed by an offer for a ride. Nice.

Bag lady

While I was eating lunch a trio of transvestites entered the restaurant and began a quaint little song and dance. I suppose some might find it annoying but it is entirely too funny to evoke anger, at least as far as I am concerned. They enjoy staring you down and throwing a provocative glance your way. Or maybe it was just me. These folks just seem to find me. I'm magnetic.

Get over here you sassy little minx!!!

I am thinking about purchasing some batik paintings so I went to the post office to check out the cost of shipping items home. They had live entertainment. A post office with live entertainment. Gotta love that. Indonesia rules.

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