844 days, 20,256 hours, 1,215,360 minutes, or 72,921,600 seconds. That is the approximate duration of my world tour. I never wanted it to end and now, in a manner of speaking, I suppose it never has to. If you wish to go by country do so by clicking on one above. They are numbered in the order I visited them, more or less. If you enjoy reading about it even a tenth as much as I enjoyed living it then you will not have wasted your time. Grab a refreshing beverage, settle in a comfortable chair, and make a journey across the world, experiencing it as I did. Then get off your ass and check it out for yourself. You're not getting any younger.

Out of Ubud....again (Bali, Indonesia)

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May 13th, 2009 - I'm on the move....sort of. Driving about an hour south to Seminyak, Bali. The area is pretty much every thing I hate about tourism. Crowded, congested, tacky, and completely overdone. I need to buy a few things before I head west and this is the ideal place as it contains the most extensive tourist facilities. So I shall endure. I will be by the beach so perhaps it will be better than I envision. I am not holding my breath.

I need to move because I can feel myself getting stuck again. As I mentioned before Ubud is like a tranquilizer and my room in the rice fields is entirely too cozy. So I must keep on, keep on truckin'. 

I have enjoyed it immensely and it has given me a chance to do something I have not done in some time, read a book. As it turns out it is one of the best books I have ever read.  “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson is a treasure trove of information about the history of the earth and everything around us. It is a highly readable summary of all those things you may have wondered about but have never taken the time to research. It is written with the everyday Joe in mind. Read it and you will not be disappointed, although you may be a little bit disturbed. For example, Yellowstone National Park sits atop a super volcano, a volcano that is due for a uber destructive puff (statistically speaking of course). You will be amazed about all the things we still do not know and scarcely understand, not the least of which is our oceans. And if you are not amazed then you are just not trying.

I have also had a chance to hang out with my pals at the visa agency who expedite my immigration paperwork. They are a fun lot and we have a good time. Everyday I basically just show up and hang out for a couple of hours. I've even managed to lend a helping hand to someone inquiring about a visa extension. I'm not just a pretty face. I am sad to leave them but, just like Frosty the Snowman, I'll be back again some day.

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