844 days, 20,256 hours, 1,215,360 minutes, or 72,921,600 seconds. That is the approximate duration of my world tour. I never wanted it to end and now, in a manner of speaking, I suppose it never has to. If you wish to go by country do so by clicking on one above. They are numbered in the order I visited them, more or less. If you enjoy reading about it even a tenth as much as I enjoyed living it then you will not have wasted your time. Grab a refreshing beverage, settle in a comfortable chair, and make a journey across the world, experiencing it as I did. Then get off your ass and check it out for yourself. You're not getting any younger.

Yellow Blade of Grass - Nostalgic Photo of the Day

peek-a-boo shining through
yellow puppy in the dew

solid still with not a clue
what it is I think of you

just beyond two yards of three
I know not what you think of me

but a moment's furtive glance
a gift of random happenstance

though your heart I cannot tame
I thank you kindly just the same

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  1. if the literary masterpiece doesn't work out, might i suggest.. a book of poems. Or hallmark.

    Whatever works, Im not picky.


'Love me or hate me, but spare me your indifference.' -- Libbie Fudim