844 days, 20,256 hours, 1,215,360 minutes, or 72,921,600 seconds. That is the approximate duration of my world tour. I never wanted it to end and now, in a manner of speaking, I suppose it never has to. If you wish to go by country do so by clicking on one above. They are numbered in the order I visited them, more or less. If you enjoy reading about it even a tenth as much as I enjoyed living it then you will not have wasted your time. Grab a refreshing beverage, settle in a comfortable chair, and make a journey across the world, experiencing it as I did. Then get off your ass and check it out for yourself. You're not getting any younger.

And Now Mr. Kaa (Munshiganj, Bangladesh)

Feb 8th, 2010 - I have to see a man about a snake. Tomorrow I head a couple of hours south of Dhaka to roam around a village of snake charmers.....I think. Would it really be me if I had any true idea about what I was getting myself into? No, no it would not. I have a guide who will bring me to a village to meet a 'mentor'. Not really sure what that means but I am told he is one of the head charmers, the charmer in charge if you will. What do these people do exactly? They charm the friggin pants off snakes, sell medicines, and predict the future.....I think (Okay I made up that last one up). I've been told they even keep these slitherers in every room of their house. Provocative, isn't it? It will probably just be some guy that has been hit by lightning 13 times who drools a lot and hisses uncontrollably while wrestling a stuffed python he received as gift from his mother. I suppose that scenario does have its appeal also. Guess I'll find out tomorrow...probably.

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